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PROJECT   Synapse

ROLE   UX/UI, Logo Design  

DURATION   June - July 2022 


Food truck app will let users place pick-up orders in advance which will affect users who have to make and pick up orders in a limited time by letting users skip order line and saving them time.

A project to

Navigating through fashion stores can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

When shopping online, you can't feel the product and delivery is a point of concern.

Over the past years, the demand for online shopping by customers in the fashion industry has increased. The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated this process and caused brands to invest in online sales opportunities. During this time, brands have focused on improving features such as product filtering, chatbots and product recommendations on their websites to enhance the customer experience. In addition, artificial intelligence is one of the tools that allow customers to access a product on the website in the fastest way.

We aimed to find a solution for building a bridge between offline and online shopping. First, we analyzed the technology that is used in online shopping within the aspects of the benefits and downsides. This helped us to understand current user behavior such as how they are using technology and what their preferences are. Then, we set the goals to understand advantages of offline shopping and the users shopping habits in the store. The gap between offline and online shopping was passing through not using technology in the store effectively. The technology which is used in online shopping such as recommendation or searching can be used offline in many aspects. Our goal is combining online features in the store. In that way, offline shopping can be more attractive to users.



Users want to ensure that they receive the exact product depicted in the online image.

Users believe they are spending too much time when purchasing items in-store.

Users struggle to find their size in the store.

Users want to have less interaction with the shopping assistant in the store.

Users does not want to give personal information.

When buying online, our users love the Zalando store.

When buying in a store, 
our users prefer multi-brand stores and/or big stores with a good variety of products.

Users want to easily locate their desired product in the store.



Use in-stock information on products placed in the store

Help users find products in a few steps in the store.

You don't need to download or provide any personal information, just scan the QRCode!



Merge online features with in-store shopping.

qr code.png

Use AI to facilitate searching for products.

Guide users through the navigation map to save time when searching.

Offer outfit inspiration via AI chat.


The Zalando SmartShop digital platform guides users through the physical store with the help of a map accessible via their mobile devices. After selecting a product on their smartphone, users can effortlessly navigate to product’s location in the store by using the sections with numbers shown on the map. There are numbers on top of the sections in store. These numbers are used in map to navigate users. On the map, the sections numbers are defined clearly to show the route. Clear signage and intuitive visual clues on the map define the route, making it easy for users to follow without confusion.




Select what you need

Explain what you need
in a few words to AI

Check the details

Find it in the store



Explain what you need
in a few words to AI

Check the details

Find it in the store



Scan barcode

Explain what you need
in a few words to AI

If you want to learn more about the project, please click on the link.

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