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PROJECT   Synapse

ROLE   UX/UI, Logo Design  

DURATION   June - July 2022 

Food truck app will let users place pick-up orders in advance which will affect users who have to make and pick up orders in a limited time by letting users skip order line and saving them time.

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I applied design thinking process to make the solution more effective and useful.

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My starting point was to understand how I enrich user’s experience in kitchen and why people need an app. Analyzing and identifying user needs helped me develop the right solution for users.
I conducted six in-person interviews users from diverse backgrounds, within different cooking experiences.


I want to understand the common challenges people face when spending time in the kitchen and how to organize their cooking. Also, I want to identify frustrations people experience during the cooking process in the kitchen.


  • Can you describe your cooking habits and how you decide and plan what to eat and cook?

  • How often do you cook in your kitchen? When you do, what is your motivation for doing so?

  • What challenges do you face in the cooking process? How does this make you feel?

  • Is there anything you think these challenges can be solved?

Empathy Map

According to the interviews, I created an aggregated empathy map that represents a group of users who share similar thoughts, opinions or traits. Throughout the UX process, it helped me understand and identify user needs and pain points.

  • ‘’I’d love to better organize my recipes and kitchen stuff.’’

  • ‘’I’d love to learn new recipes from people like me.’’

  • ‘’Sometimes, I get confused when deciding what to cook.’’

  • Wants an easier way to see recipes and manage the kitchen.

  • Hard to decide what to cook with the ingredients in the kitchen.

  • Would like to get in touch with people to increase recipe diversity.

  • Identifying what is missing in the kitchen takes time.

  • Notes recipes in a book.

  • Works a full time job as a marketing specialist.

  • Writes a shopping list on stickers pasted on the fridge.

  • Follows new recipes from different websites.

  • Tired while spending time in the kitchen.

  • Confused about arranging recipes.

  • Sad about finding new recipes.

  • Tired of following the shopping list.





User Persona

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Master’s degree
İstanbul, Turkey
Married, one child
Sales manager


As a full time employee with busy schedule, I want to organize my kitchen better and cook various dishes so I can spend more quality time with my family.



  • Need various recipes and save them in order.

  • Try new recipes and make dishes for her family.

  • Manage better the kitchen stuff.

  • Know what can be cooked with remaining ingredients in the fridge.

  • Confused about cooking and determining what ingredients are needed in the kitchen.

  • Sad about forget something while shopping.

  • The amount of time required to cook.

  • Don’t want to food waste.


Ela is a full time sales manager in a big company in İstanbul, Turkey. Ela loves to cook delicious meals for her family, but she thinks she can't spend much time with her family while she is busy with the kitchen. Usually, Ela pre-arrange what is needed for the kitchen and what to cook, which can be tiring for her. Ela likes to save interesting and easy recipes when she sees them on the social media. She wants to try different recipes and variety in meals. Ela has less time when she comes home after work, since her schedule is busy all day. Making her time in the kitchen better can help her a lot.

Problem Statement

To define the problem statement, I defined challenges based on the main problems after the research. I seperated 5 different HMWs as they are related to each other.

  • How might we help people keep their recipes organized?

  • How might we help people explore what a meal would be like with the remaining ingredients?

  • How might we help people make their shopping for the kitchen easier?

  • How might we provide an interactive environment for people to get a variety of recipes?

  • How might we help people minimize their stress in the kitchen so they have a better experience in the kitchen?


| People often search for the recipes first, and then the ingredients. If they have the necessary ingredients, they can cook, otherwise they have to go shopping. A way that provides recipes from ingredients people already have could streamline the process.
| Also, people suffer from a lack of variety of recipes. Searching for recipes on the Internet can take some time for people. A way to see recipes from different people and interact with them might be helpful for users.
| It can be overwhelming for people to keep track of missing ingredients in the kitchen. A way that helps users organize their shopping can reduce their stress.


Create your own recipes

Share recipes

Like or comment on recipes from different people

Create your own profile

Favorite recipes

Categorize recipes

Create recipes from remaining ingredients

Filter recipes and ingredients

Follow people whose recipes you like

Shopping list

Information Architecture

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Usability Test

I conducted unmoderated usability test with 5 participants. I searched for answers to these questions.

  • Is the app adding a value to kitchen experience? How?

  • Are there any parts that need to be changed?

  • Is the app easy or complex to use? Why?

  • Are there any parts where users got stuck?

  • Are there any features that can be included in the app?

Before proceeding with the hi-fi prototype, I reviewed the results, including user emotions, expressions, and common pain points.

User Interface

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Home- People (3) 1 (1).png


My recipes - People

Users can see and create their own recipes in the My recipes section and many recipes belonging to different people in the People section, which provides users an interactive environment where they share, like or comment on recipes. It helps people socialize and make cooking more enjoyable.


Share recipe - View profile

Recipes have a list of ingredients and description within quick info. Users can share their recipes with other users if they wish, and view profiles to which their favorite recipes belong.

Share - Recipe (4) 1 (1).png
Share - Recipe (2) 1 (1).png
Home-Ingredients (3) (2).png


Users find a recipe with the selected ingredients by using AI. Users can choose from the ingredients in their kitchen, which avoids wasting remaining ingredients in the kitchen and provide users easier way to find a recipe.

Shopping (2) (2).png


Users can create shopping list. The list of ingredients make adding items process easier and help users identify missing items in the kitchen. The shopping list is useful for keeping items in the kitchen organized.

Profile (2) (1).png
View Profile (1) (1).png
Favorites (1) (1).png


Users have profiles where they can share their recipes and follow each other. Interaction with other users provides a variety of recipes along with a social environment. Also, users can save their favorite recipes from their own or other users' recipes.

Design System

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