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PROJECT  Net Strasbourg

ROLE  UX/UI Design, Concept Development

DURATION  December - January 2022


The campus which is a think-tank designed for Strasbourg within the interaction between people, the Net campus and the cultural aspects of the city

Architectural Design Approach


Strasbourg, near European Quarter

strasbourg map -final.jpg

Strasbourg, which has great cultural diversity due to its location, is the official seat of the European Parliament. In this context, Strasbourg has been the focal point of architectural design.

The canal, which is located across the site and passing  through the city  including the European quarter is a significant element for the project. In accordance with the mobility of Strasbourg, spaces and structures have been created to keep the relationship with the city dynamic. 

Net Strasbourg is designed to form a network where people create ideas for the needs of Strasbourg and the worldwide. These needs can be described as between global and local scale. Citizens meet experts, NGOs, municipalities, professional chambers, digital media, companies around the world to discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge on current urban issues and projects. This think-tank campus has spaces where people work together, share, and exhibit their ideas to the whole of Europe. Digitalization has a great role in this story. The building works as a digital net. Research and improvements could be done via the Net Strasbourg.


Design Problem



The access of people to the historical, scientific and social platforms are limited in that region. It is obtained that there is a missing unified network which should be accessible for various types of users from local to global scale. 

The idea of creating an interactive media would be considered as filling the gap between the ecosystem in Strasbourg and the public.

NetStrasbourg project lets users have versatile interaction with the campus which will affect people who would link with the think-tank community by providing users access to the experiences in the campus.

Based on the design problem, a think-tank campus is suggested within the architectural context. Architectural design approach led me to dig deep into identifying appropriate media applications for improving the interaction between think-tank campus and people.

Expand visual communication across print and screen based media to communicate to multiple audiences.

Design a think-tank that creates more access to campus space, brings ‘collaborative working understanding’ to people and provides a space where people feel independent to express themselves while building a community.

Develop leisure activities in the campus to create social networks and to help people’s physical and mental well being.

logo_1_transparent background copy.png

Although there are various urban values on the site, the connection between these values and the city is not strong enough. 



Environmental Graphics

Campus Map


Jogging Path

Cycling Path

Rhine River

location_on_black_48dp 8.png
location_on_black_48dp 7.png
location_on_black_48dp 4.png
location_on_black_48dp 6.png
location_on_black_48dp 5.png




Study Area

Shared Bicycles

net strasbourg campus site plan.png
net strasbourg cycling path.png

Cycling Path

net strasbourg jogging path.png

Jogging Path

Brand Color Combinations

Campus Signage

Guiding signage, Map marker and Interactive signage

env signage_05.png
env signage_06.png

Guiding signage

env signage_07.png

Interactive signage

env signage_03.png
env signage_04.png
env signage_01.png
env signage_02.png

Map marker

kiosk visualization05.jpg

Interactive Signage

3D visualization of my architectural project

Site Map - Kiosk


Kiosk Screens

kisok screens perspective.jpg

Mobile Screens

mobile app screens perspective.jpg

Multi-platform Experience

phone notification.jpg
09_Jogging Page.png

Mockups - Kiosk

01_Welcome Page.png
03_Voice Assistant Page.png
02_Home Page.png
06_Campus Page.png

- Mobile App -

phone screen.jpg

Mockups - Mobile

01_Login page.png
02_Home page.png
10_Map around page.png
04_Map campus page.png

Brand Elements


Interaction Design Approach

Smart Screen

workspace_smart screen (1).jpg

Net Strasbourg project aims to create an interactive environment. The datas are documented in the cloud and it is presented to users on this digital platform. 

This goal is pursued with the scientific research and studies in the think-tank campus. The work environment for academics has ‘smart screens’ which can be used as informative signage, dashboard showing daily flow, exhibition platform, public conference screen and individual workspace for academics.

AR Experience


Storytelling: Stories and abstract representations are described with AR. The elements of the objects or arts in the Exhibition Hall tell stories about historical background and the artist to users who are in self-directed experience.

Detailed Information: Users are able to access detailed information about the elements  in terms of historic periods, representation of art, specific events. They have audio-visual options to get information.

VR Experience

VR-hologram_fianl (1).jpg
exhibition hall VR_final (1).jpg


As an architectural design solution, the region which is found as a terrain vague was opened to the public by strengthening its relation with the context. 

Net Strasbourg reunites that region with the city and increases its interaction with users.

It provides various sportive, cultural and academic activities to a wide range of user types.

The design solution creates access to green space and improves the interaction with campus via digital products. Also, pay attention to the scientific research in the Net think-tank.

Brand elements create a sense of belonging in people and enhance the reputation of the Net Strasbourg. 

3 (1).jpg


I developed digital platforms including the kiosk and mobile app for my architecture graduation project at METU. This project is multi-disciplinary as it has interaction design, architectural design, brand design, user experience and interface design, AR and VR. Net Strasbourg offers users the opportunity to experience the campus and its contents in a variety of platforms and contexts. I am pleased to shape my architectural project together with various design disciplines. It was a good step up for me to design digital interactions for my undergraduate study. 

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