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PROJECT  Synapse

synapse banner.png

ROLE  UX/UI, Logo Design  

DURATION  June - July 2022 

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Configuration app aiming to operate functions related to smart cameras, drones and laser tripwire for specialized user group that work in the business.



The digital platforms which are Cerebella and TAK (Team Awareness Kit) providing users to manage team resources like drones, smart cameras or sensors etc. for security. Team resources used in Cerebella and TAK are developed with artificial intelligence and machine learning to make autonomous security systems. Client requests a configuration app to support Cerebella and TAK which are managed on desktop. Users of these digital platforms need this app to make additional operations more practical. Besides, users may not always be at the computer, or users who are at work in the field should also be able to manage and access these operations on mobile devices.

This configuration application should include two main features: registering a new device to Cerebella or TAK within a mobile device and creating automatic connection between devices. This configuration application serves the limited user group working in the business.

My approach

I designed a configuration mobile app that lets Cerebella and TAK users to register a new device and create links between devices in easy and quick way. The outputs of the features goes to Cerebella and TAK autonomously. Since the app has two main features which are register a new device and create device workflow, it needs clear and easy to understand flows.

My responsibilities

As I was the only designer at my company, my responsibilities covered everything from UX research to UI design, Usability testing to UX writing.


I applied the User-Centered Design (UCD) Framework in this project in order to focus on the user's needs, understand them well and find a better solution. The methodology includes four different phases as shown below.






Understanding The Users

I conducted interviews with users to understand their needs. My aim was to identify users' pain points in relation to the client's requirements. How would users like to engage with the required features of the configuration application?

User Group: I defined the target user group as; employees involved in this business working in a field that has difficult situations to perceive and react.

Research Question

In what ways do users engage in mobile app to support their work in the field and experience sometimes in difficult work situations?

How can users have a better experience and what should be the design concerns?


| Users want easy-to-read labels and text for easy tracking.
| Users has problem to continue the flow as the business has a complex structure.
| Users expect a solution that is easy to use and does not take much time.


| Need to pay attention to consistency in design. It is useful to find similar items on each page.
| Combine color, text and graphical objects for users with partial sight or limited color vision.
| Page titles should be informative and descriptive to help remember labels in short time.

Information Architecture

User Interface


home (12).png

Users can register a new device to Cerebella or TAK.

Users can create workflows to link the devices and create autonomous missions.


The homepage directs users to the options they want to use. Since it is a config app, users see the options within clear direction according to the intended use of the app.



Users have two options to register a new device like drone, smart camera etc. Registration is made by scanning QR code or entering serial number of the device. 

scan qr code (1).png
enter serial number.png

User interface is designed with the idea of being able to switch easily between two options. Users first see scan QR code due to the priority of usage.

Cerebella and TAK are the digital platforms to register devices through Synapse. After entering the information of the device, this screen will be displayed.




Users are creating connections between devices. They have two workflows between smart cameras and drones, laser tripwires and smart cameras.

create device workflow page.png
workflow smart cam (2).png
workflow lasertripwire.png



Linked devices are listed in the Workflows screen. Users can edit saved links here. Since the user target can wear gloves, the edit buttons are larger.

workflows (2).png
workflows-edit (2).png
workflows-edit-change device (2).png


enter serial number.png
scan qr code.png












The application meets the needs of the user profile. New features can be added or minor changes can be made according to user needs. Workflows page may be revised in the future based on how devices are used on the other digital platforms where they are registered.

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