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food truck phone screen.png

PROJECT   Synapse

ROLE   UX/UI, Logo Design  

DURATION   June - July 2022 



People with busy schedule have problem to easy and fast  access pick-up ordering options.


Food truck app will let users place pick-up orders in advance which will affect users who have to make and pick up orders in a limited time by letting users skip order line and saving them time.

User Research


pain point

Users has problem to be synchronized about the pick-up time with the food truck


pain point

Users waste time to select the food and in the payment process


pain point

Users expect more professional approach for pick-up order options


pain point

Users want to customization options for their food


“I enjoy planning and details that make every moment valuable and serve the whole.”

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  • Likes to have a busy schedule during the day.

  • Looking for low-cost food to save money.

  • Easy and fast access to good for lunch.


  • ''My plans are disrupted when my order is not ready on time or arrives late.''

  • ''I usually choose food that fit my budget. It can be challenging sometimes.''

  • ''I get upset when I waste my time looking for fast and easy pick-up options. ''








master student

Istanbul Turkey

Lives with partner

Industrial engineer working student

Suzan is on the 2nd year of master while working in an office as a working student. Suzan works at the office in the afternoon after taking classes at the university in the morning. Suzan is used to this busy schedule, but struggles to find good and low-cost food during lunch break to pick-up on-the-go.

Problem statement

Suzan is a working student with a busy schedule who needs easy and fast access to pick-up food ordering options because Suzan has a limited time to have a food for lunch on-the-go.

Flow Chart

food truck flow chart.png

User Journey Map

food truck portfolio (1).png

Goal: Eating lunch on the way from college to work

Digital Wireframes

Menu 1.png
Food Detail.png
Food Detail 2.png

Lo-fi prototype - User Test Insights

  • Users need to be more involved in the process.

  • Users need better clues for what steps are required to complete the order.

food truck lo-fi (1).png
Home (11).png
Location information (7).png

Easy access to location of the food truck and distance from user's location

Allows easy access to categories

Shows the locations of the food truck and user

Displays the distance and durations with different vehicles


Menu Burgers.png
Menu Fries.png
Menu Drinks.png
Food Detail.png
Food Detail 2.png
Checkout 1.png
Checkout 3.png
Checkout 4.png
Checkout 2.png
Checkout 5.png
Location information.png

Final Design

Accessibility Considerations


I combined color, text and graphical objects for users with partial sight or limited color vision.


I pay attention to consistency in design. It is useful to find items on each page.


Page titles are informative and descriptive to help remember labels in short time.

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